Over a Century of History producing Advanced Ceramics

The Roots of CeramTec North America

The roots of CeramTec are an integral part of the global history of technical ceramics. This history includes more than 115 years of manufacturing by CeramTec North America's parent company as well as more than 100 years from the origin of the Laurens operations.

Few ceramic companies offer such a strong lineage. In 1996, the formal merger of Hoechst CeramTec AG and Dynamit Nobel's Cerasiv Division created CeramTec. In 2004, CeramTec was acquired by Rockwood. Throughout its successful history, there have been a range of mergers and acquisitions involving various segments of the company. In brief summary, names such as American Lava, 3M, General Electric, Rosenthal, Hoechst, Cerasiv, SPK, Ceramaseal, AlSiMag, Dynamit Nobel and others, have been important milestones in the history of various branches of this successful company.

In 2009, CeramTec North America acquired the DuraWear Corporation. DuraWear has over 30 years of experience in offering industrial abrasive wear solutions.

In summary, CeramTec North America is an important part of a successful global organization with over a century of history producing a diverse range of advanced ceramic products and ceramic materials. The company is poised to meet and exceed the expectations of the current and future marketplace with these valued products.