Advanced Ceramics and Hermetic Solutions for Energy and Electronics

Making the Components
for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Few fields are evolving as rapidly as the energy industry. CeramTec North America is dedicated to continually meeting the ceramic and hermetic needs of this field by providing exceptional service and unsurpassed reliability.

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For the oil and gas market, CeramTec North America manufactures high-pressure feedthroughs for downhole exploration of oil, as well as piezo-ceramics for sensors and imaging equipment for oil and gas applications.

CeramTec North America supplies power feedthroughs to the solar cell manufacturing market for use in coating and deposition equipment. These components require a high degree of reliability and must provide the electrical performance necessary to keep manufacturing processes going.

“CeramTec North America also has the capacity to produce inexpensive
yet reliable ceramic solar mirror supports for solar cells.”

Worth knowing:

Energy and Electronics Applications

  • Biofuel separation
  • Photovoltaic cells
  • Deposition equipment in solar manufacturing
  • Ceramics for solar mirror positioning
  • Pressure feedthroughs for downhole
  • Piezos for sensors for downhole
  • Ceramics for wear products including mud pumps for downhole
  • Fuel cell tapes
  • Power supplies