Advanced Ceramics and Hermetic Solutions for Semiconductors and Ultra High Vacuum

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Semiconductor manufacturers face a series of challenges, such as aggressive production schedules, pressure to control costs, and continual demands for innovation. CeramTec North America supports your manufacturing efforts with advanced ceramic components and Ceramaseal® hermetic products that are able to withstand extreme environments and heavy use.

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For universities and research facilities, CeramTec North America offers a comprehensive catalog of standard components for “vacuum chamber” applications, including coating chamber applications, semiconductor process chamber applications or simply a research lab vacuum chamber application.

CeramTec North America pioneered the science of ceramic-to-metal sealing and remains the leading innovator in ceramic-to-metal sealing technology. Hermetically sealed electrical and optical components such as feedthroughs and multipin connectors are built to endure extreme conditions, whether it be an ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) environment (1x10-10 ATM • cc/sec He), temperatures ranging from cryogenic (4 K) to 450°C, pressures in excess of 25,000 psig, corrosive or caustic environments, while maintaining an unsurpassed level of reliability and performance. CeramTec also offers expertise in the production of multilayer actuators that meter gas flow into semiconductor process chambers.

“CeramTec North America is the pinoneer in vacuum-tight ceramic-to-metal and glas-ceramic sealing technology and the manufacturer of the worldwide established and valued hermetic Ceramaseal® components.”

Worth knowing:

Semiconductors and Ultra High Vacuum Applications

  • PVD/CVD chambers
  • Ion implantation equipment
  • Ion sources
  • PV deposition equipment
  • Mass flow meters
  • Power source for instrumentation devices